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If you are searching for cheap or fixed-fee criminal lawyers, here are the things you should consider

What to consider before looking for a cheap lawyer?

  • It is all about experience and the ability to think out of the box. When a lawyer has the experience, he or she will know how to follow the process accurately and effectively. Using the ability to think outside of the box, they also know how to negotiate the perfect explanation (submission) that the court or jury will accept. 
  • An experienced criminal defence lawyer has years of experience. He or She has been to 100s of court cases personally and has failed in many of them, He knows why he has failed and he has seen 100s more cases where other defence lawyers have failed. He knows all the mistakes a defence lawyer can make. He knows which inability or failure of a defence lawyer can cause enormous inconvenience to the client. The client may have ended up in jail. He learned from all the failures he experienced or witnessed. He knows which decisions or actions he must not do or take, and that is what a client should want. 
  • You want a lawyer who knows what is possible to prove or disprove in real life. In theory or imagination, nothing is impossible, but in real life, it is a different story. Only an experienced criminal lawyer would know what can bring the best result for you.
  • So, before searching for or instructing (hiring) a lawyer because he is cheap, think carefully. Does he have the experience needed? Is it good to be true? These charges could get you to jail, but the offer is a fixed fee of $2000, you should listen and use your own judgment very carefully. You do not want to make another mistake, even a recorded conviction can haunt you for the rest of your life. A good lawyer will not be cheap. 


What about Fixed Fee Criminal Lawyers?

  • If a solicitor offers a fixed-price service, it means that, he knows how much time it will require and that the fee he offered is best for the client. It does not mean that, he is just trying to get business. In Australia, most good lawyers believe in the principle that a lawyer must act in the best interest of the client only. If the lawyer thinks a fixed price will get the best result for you, he will offer that. 
  • But, some lawyers do offer fixed prices to get business. For example, if your charges can send you to jail and you have an awesome cheap offer from a fixed-fee lawyer, you should consider your options. It goes back to the same old saying, “too good to be true”. Maybe he underestimated how much work it requires. He will endup trying to conclude the case as soon as possible. Your best interest is not a priority anymore. 

How to find and How can you know who would be a good lawyer for your case?

Someone having years of experience does not mean he or she would be good criminal lawyer. The only way to know is to have the first consultation. A good lawyer always explains the outcome of the review they did on your case in a face-to-face meeting. This one meeting would be enough for you, if a lawyer can build your confidence in him with only one meeting, you can safely assume that he will be able to make the judge or juries to accept his explanation where we can have much longer time. 

So, the best idea would be to have an initial consultation with at least 3 different lawyers. Compare their prices and how well they explained your case to you. 

In my practice, I decided to offer a fixed fee just because I think that is best for my clients. In rare cases, even if my estimate is wrong, and I have to work longer hours to get the best result for my client, it is on me, clients should not have to pay for my wrong estimation or poor work. 

If you are looking for a fixed-fee lawyer, feel free to contact me. I may be able to help. 

AJ Faisal criminal lawyer Brisbane for corporate fraud or white collar fraud Charges

About AJ Faisal

Every case is unique, I possess a distinct talent for uncovering often-overlooked facts, an open mind that allows for creative problem-solving, and a strong ability to think outside the box. I empathize with individuals facing police charges, and I consider it my duty to secure the best possible outcome for the defendant.

I am A J Faisal and I have completed my law degree at the University of Southern Queensland. I am passionate about criminal defence and I gained valuable experience by working as a Law Clerk and shadowing Mr Mackenzie for more than 3 years. Ken is an accredited criminal defence lawyer with more than 23 years of experience in practice. I am a solicitor in the State of Queensland. Retain me for your criminal matter

These are blog posts and are not advice and please do not consider any of my blog posts as legal advice. These are merely to get basic and general ideas.

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Criminal Lawyers in Brisbane Free Advice

Cheap Fixed Fee Criminal Lawyers in Brisbane

For my practice, I decided to offer a fixed fee service just because I think that is best for my clients. If my estimate is wrong, and I have to work longer hours to get the best result for my clients, it is on me, clients should not have to pay for my wrong estimation.

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