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What Criminal Lawyers Can’t do?

The biggest myth is that criminal lawyers makeup stories to defend a client. In Queensland (maybe in Australia too) lawyers can not lie at court. They can not make up stories for clients. They can not advise client to tell a story which is not true. They might lose their practicing certificate for doing such act. 

For example, a client was charged with public nuisance charges for being too drunk at Fortitude Valley, Brisbane. if the client informs his criminal defence lawyer that, he was at Fortitude Valley at 2am on Sunday Morning, then his lawyer can not say to the court that he was not at Valley at 2am on Sunday morning. But if the client does not say anything and the brief of evidence provided by police has no evidence which proves without reasonable doubt that the client were there, then the criminal lawyer can say to the court that there are no evidence of the client being at Valley at that time and the lawyer has no information on where the client was at that time. 

So, the summery is, a good criminal lawyer in Brisbane (Or Queensland) can not make up false story for you and can not tell lies. 

What Criminal Lawyers Must Do?

A solicitor has 3 duties toward a client;
1- Act on clients best interest
2- Maintain confidentiality, and
3- Disclose all relevant information to Client

Criminal Lawyers Available 24/7

Not always, it depends on the solicitor/lawyer. Some criminal lawyer or defence attorneys offer 24 hour service that you can reach them if  you are arrested or about to questioned by police. Criminal defence attorneys or lawyers are not a emergency service provider. Some will provide short advices regarding being interviewed by police. And almost every time the advice will be, do not agree to attend any formal interview. Most of the time, accused unknowingly give information in interview which becomes enough to prove that they are guilty of the offence. 

Need Legal Advice?

You may have arguable defence to challenge your charges but it might be best if you seek legal advice before that. This article contains only the crux, there are more important information you need to know if you proceed to challenge. Failing to prove your point in the court will result additional penalty. Such as harsher sentence or  Offender Levy.

AJ Faisal criminal lawyer Brisbane for corporate fraud or white collar fraud Charges

About AJ Faisal

Every case is unique, I possess a distinct talent for uncovering often-overlooked facts, an open mind that allows for creative problem-solving, and a strong ability to think outside the box. I empathize with individuals facing police charges, and I consider it my duty to secure the best possible outcome for the defendant.

I am A J Faisal and I have completed my law degree at the University of Southern Queensland. I am passionate about criminal defence and I gained valuable experience by working as a Law Clerk and shadowing Mr Mackenzie for more than 3 years. Ken is an accredited criminal defence lawyer with more than 23 years of experience in practice. I am a solicitor in the State of Queensland. Retain me for your criminal matter

These are blog posts and are not advice and please do not consider any of my blog posts as legal advice. These are merely to get basic and general ideas.

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Criminal Lawyers in Brisbane Free Advice

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