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About Money Laundering Charges

Navigating the intricate web of money laundering charges demands a deep understanding of the legal landscape. Currently, there are  about 19 distinct offences related to money laundering under the law, falling into two categories: those associated with the proceeds of crime (funds stemming from illegal activities) and those tied to the instruments of crime (funds used to facilitate illegal activities).

Successfully handling such cases necessitates a blend of technical expertise, analytical acumen, and substantial experience. The burden of proof lies squarely with the prosecution, demanding them to establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.

Our team boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience specifically tailored to handle cases involving money laundering charges. We take pride in our comprehensive approach, ensuring that we address the intricacies of these cases with precision and skill.


Recognizing the gravity of these charges, it is imperative to consult with a defense lawyer specializing in money laundering cases at the earliest opportunity. We understand the complexities associated with these cases and offer a free initial consultation. Feel free to call us now at 0731033044. Your legal concerns deserve the attention of a dedicated team with the expertise to navigate the challenges posed by money laundering charges.


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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost?

Every case is different. On average, criminal cases can cost from $2,000 to $70,000. You will be given an estimate before you engage us.

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Yes, you can. You should take a very careful approach to take that path as it is always recommended to be represented by a lawyer.

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Depends on the offence you are charged with. First time offender do get prison sentence with actual imprisonment. 

Can I fire my lawyer?

You can fire your lawyer any time and a lawyer can do the same too but Lawyers must need to follow some rules before they can do so.

Can a lawyer lie?

In Australia, giving false statements or wrong information can lead to a lawyer to removed from the role to be a lawyer.

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