Cheap Fixed Fee Criminal Lawyers in Brisbane

Criminal Lawyers in Brisbane Free Advice

For my practice, I decided to offer a fixed fee service just because I think that is best for my clients. If my estimate is wrong, and I have to work longer hours to get the best result for my clients, it is on me, clients should not have to pay for my wrong estimation.

Pre-Text Phone Calls

Pre-Text Phone is a technique police uses mostly in sexual offence matter to get confession out of the accused by the complainant. Read More.

Town Agent Service – Criminal Matters

Are you looking for a town agent at the most competitive price? I have experience in appearing before court for criminal matters and can assure you of prompt reporting.

In charge of Vehicle – DUI

Can you sleep it off in the car after taking drug or alcohol? Answer is not as simple as you might guess. Need work licence? Contact Me for fixed fee service.