Cheap Fixed Fee Criminal Lawyers in Brisbane

For my practice, I decided to offer a fixed fee service just because I think that is best for my clients. If my estimate is wrong, and I have to work longer hours to get the best result for my clients, it is on me, clients should not have to pay for my wrong estimation.

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Disclosure Statement for Admission

Admission as lawyer in Queensland can be a challenging and I feel any support on that process is very helpful. Sharing my experience of this step. My support on this subject will always be free.

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Pre-Text Phone Calls

Pre-Text Phone is a technique police uses mostly in sexual offence matter to get confession out of the accused by the complainant. Read More.

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Criminal Court Process

PLEASE NOTE: IT IS NOT PERFECT Criminal court process is very complicated. It is impossible to predict how a court process of criminal matter will

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In charge of Vehicle – DUI

Can you sleep it off in the car after taking drug or alcohol? Answer is not as simple as you might guess. Need work licence? Contact Me for fixed fee service.

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Sex without Consent

Possible Defence to rape charges. Rape is in simple term is sexual intercourse without consent. Read about how court considers rape charges.

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Assault Charges

There are defence available against grievous bodily assault charges if you choose the right and best criminal lawyers in Brisbane.

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Sexual Assaults

It is very difficult to defend sexual charges. Consent is most important factor and it is not easy to prove that consent was given by the victim.

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Noisy Neighbour?

I was looking for a friend (who lives in Victoria) on how to deal with noisy neighbours! It depends a lot on what action the

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Pleading Guilty

– Pleading Guilty – In Meissner v the Queen [1995] HCA 41; 184 CLR 132 ‘… It is true that a person may plead guilty

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Handcuffing In the following mentioned case, unreasonable handcuffing was discussed. it appears that, Police can not handcuff just because a person was arrested.  Kumar v

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Caught with Drugs?

Charged with Drug related offence? Talk to a lawyer before talking to a Police or going before a magistrate. Brisbane’s Best criminal defence lawyer.

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Arrest without Warrant

Can Police arrest you without warrant? There are rules and procedure that police must need to follow. Read on Brisbane Criminal Lawyers Blog

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Who should get Bail?

The facts and laws are being considered to decide if one should get a bail or not. Contact us for fixed fee bail application matters.

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Counterfeit Credit Card

What defences available if you are charged for carding with counterfeit credit card or skimming or credit card related fraud? Read from Brisbane Criminal Lawyers Blog

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AJ Faisal criminal lawyer Brisbane

About AJ Faisal

Every case is unique, I possess a distinct talent for uncovering often-overlooked facts, an open mind that allows for creative problem-solving, and a strong ability to think outside the box. I empathize with individuals facing police charges, and I consider it my duty to secure the best possible outcome for the defendant.


I am A J Faisal and I have completed my law degree at the University of Southern Queensland. I am passionate about criminal defence and I gained valuable experience by working as a Law Clerk and shadowing Mr Mackenzie for more than 3 years. Ken is an accredited criminal defence lawyer with more than 23 years of experience in practice. I am a solicitor in the State of Queensland. Retain me for your criminal matter


These are blog posts and are not advice and please do not consider any of my blog posts as legal advice. These are merely to get basic and general ideas.

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