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Traffic Offences

Learn about possible defenses for traffic, Speeding and other charges.

Drug Charges

Did police charged you for a Drug related offence?

Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault charges can have very serious consequences.


I am AJ Faisal and I am studying Juris Doctor at University of Southern Queensland and preparing for my career as criminal defence lawyer. I have been shadowing Mr. Ken Mackenzie of Mackenzie Mitchell Solicitors to gain valuable experience in criminal defence. This is my blog and all contents are my learnings though my work experience and legal studies. There are not advices and please do not consider any of my content as legal advice. If you need legal advice, you should contact an admitted lawyer.

My Skills

What Skills a Good Criminal Lawyers Should Have?

Assault Charges

Assault Charges such as Grievous Bodily Harm or Common Assult

Criminal Lawyers

Popular Myths and Actual Facts about Criminal Lawyers in Brisbane.

Fraud and Theft

The facts prosecution may need to prove for fraud and theft charges


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Sexual Assault Brisbane Criminal Lawyers

Sexual Assaults

It is very difficult to defend sexual charges. Consent is most important factor and it is not easy to prove that consent was given by the victim.

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